Meth Hair Drug Test, Ways To Pass

How hard is it to pass a meth hair drug testing?

through our experience we have found that meth is fairly easy to remove from your hair when you use the Mike’s Macujo Method Washes and The Macujo® aloe rid shampoo, unlike Cocaine hydrochloride which is water soluble and extremely hard to remove from hair, Meth and THC are liposoluble making it relatively easy to remove from hair.

even for the most intense daily users we are able to remove meth from hair with 15 mike’s macujo washes


Tips for meth users:

stop using meth immediately until you pass your test

wait 7 days from last meth use before you start doing your macujo washes

use clean sheets pillows and keep any headrest uncontaminated to prevent second hand contamination

do not touch or be around meth smoke




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